It has been a pet peeve of mine since the dawn of time, well not really the dawn of time but at least since I started playing WoW, to be yelled at over vent at that “so-and-so needs heals!” Now before BC came out, I really did not notice this occurring. It was almost like the healers were trusted implicitly.

However, one faithful day, I joined a new guild (the one that I am currently in now) and was asked to heal Gruuls after being in the guild for a few weeks. I was so excited about this because, back in the day, Gruuls was one of the best resto druid fights (at least for me). Now I am healing my face off and loving it. We are just about to wipe on the first attempt and the tank yells “Tank* needs a heal! Heal Tank” At first I was like well no big deal, I had HoTs on him but he was just taking a lot of damage as the fight went on. We wipe and get ready to try again.

After we regroup and attempt again, I hear a familiar voice over vent “Tank needs a heal! Heal Tank! Heal Tank.” At this point I am thinking that this tank really does not trust his healers, we were dying but it was not just bc of heals but mostly because of simple mistakes and not high enough DPS.

This happens with the next two attempts. Tank would yell throughout the fight, sometimes many times “Heal Tank.” This was getting obnoxious, so I asked the GM if he could say something. Not only was it rude to yell at us over vent over and over but it was breaking our concentration.

So as we are regrouping up I say “Listen we know you guys need heals. We are healers, that is all we do. Now sometimes things go awry, but unless a healer is not looking at the raid bars, then we know you are dying and we are trying our best to stop it. We are looking at the same screen y’all are looking at. So please be kind to your healers and we will be kind to you.”

I get a lot of “here here’s!” from other healers in the raid and get a lot of “thank you’s” in tells. Now I will admit I am way more outspoken than others in the guild, especially females, but I could not take being yelled at for doing my job any longer.

The past few years went by and only a few times was the phrase ever uttered again. Healers were content and happily healing. After leaving the game for a while then the server and then coming back to the guild I love ( I will never leave again), I am with a group of new people who do not know me very well ( I was an officer in the guild for 2 years now I am not but still am very close with all of them and the GM) and know that I can heal my butt off.

Cut to last Saturday night in our 10 man ICC run. The tank, who I will call Jtank, and I are not close at all. I really think we live with contempt of one another. But whatever, I really do not need to love/like you to heal you. I do not discriminate. Now we are on Festergut Heroic an easy, but sometimes annoying, fight.  And yes the tanks can and will take a metric butt load of damage, but me and the other healers know the fight and have been through it all before.

During the attempt, our Shammy healer gets nailed by Maliable Goo, he was standing on the warlocks portal and the green just blended right in. Sucks, but what can you do. It came at an especially bad time so I am needing to spam heals on Jtank, but being at 6 stacks of the debuff can make that tricky, and even though we have three healers, our Disc priest is not really up to par (love the guy, but he is just not the best healer). This is when the yelling starts.

“HEAL ME HEAL ME HEAL ME,” are being SCREAMED over vent. This is not a polite asking or a nervous asking, no this is a RUDE attempt to make us heal him, which we were but for some reason I cannot figure out he takes more damage than any tank I have ever seen in every fight. Then the swearing starts, mind you he is still alive. “G*& D*^%&IT HEAL ME NOW” Now, our priest healer is deaf and cannot listen on vent at all, but me and the Shammy (who is not MG’ed anymore) certainly can hear every word.

The other tank, who I will call Ctank, gets aggro before we are at 9 stacks and due to another MG flub, Shammy and Priest got it, Ctank dies. Well, I instantly Battle Rez, hoping another stack will not be placed before I can get him up and healed. Over vent I hear a familiar voice “BR CTANK. OMG BR HIM BR HIM.” I reply calmly, “I already have.” Before Ctank can get aggro however, Jtank gets 10 stacks and we all blow up, to which there is a *Sigh* over vent followed by a “REALLY?!”

I then tell the raid leader that there is something I need to say over vent. He says cool and I start my little speech: “OK guys here is the deal. Let’s stop calling out over and over on vent that someone needs a heal. It is distracting and annoying to the healers, plus it is just plain rude. We are watching the same fight you are and see you are dying. Trust me I am not watching TV over here. Is everyone ok with this?” Everyone is in agreement (even though Jtank says nothing at all) and the Shammy even gave me a little whisper of “YES!!!”

We had no more incidents the rest of the night or since. Now, this is not a “Let’s bash that jerk Jtank” post. Yes he is brash and it really can be rude, but ranting about him is not really my point here. I feel this happens to healers everywhere. We get overlooked and walked on, even though we are, obviously, a key ingredient to the group. Healers, we need to stand up for ourselves. If you feel you are being treated rudely by a group, talk to the raid leader or the guild leader. Raids are meant to be fun, not harassment. Plus without you, everyone would be dead anyway!

Has anyone else had an experience where they were driven over the edge by a rude tank, DPS, or even other healer? Ever felt like a crappy healer because of the way someone treated you?

*Name changed to protect my, now, good tank friend*