This is a little late coming, but last week I wrote about how our 10 man finally got the Lich King down. Well, it was almost like a double miracle last week! Our 25 man raid got him down as well on Wednesday! Double excitment here! But the most exciting part was that I did not wipe the raid!

In all of the 10 and 25 man attemps I have done, I have never been brought into the sword. Now, I know what to do as a druid and have read the fight many times, but I have never experienced it first hand. On the kill attempt, when the Lich King was at about 20% health, I get pulled into the sword. My heart started racing! I did what my raid leader instructed, I shifted into bear, enraged, bashed the ghosty thing and then proceeded to heal my face off!  I watched the ghosts health decrease and prayed we got to 10% quickly, I did not want to be the person who wiped us at 11%….

Finally the ghost dies! I get teleported out of the sword and then die! I was thinking to myself, of crap I messed something up and destroyed to raid. However, then I realized that we just hit the 10% mark and were to become 25 man Kingslayers.

Grats to all my guildies in that perfect execution!