Where is Sarindre? This is a question I have been asked a few times, and frankly, I have no idea where I have been either! The craziness of my life set into play. This involved moving, for the second time in a year, from Texas to Pennsylvania to live with some family and having a baby. Yes, the sapling finally arrived via c-section on January 26th at 8:22 am , her name is Remy and she is just wonderful. She was 8lb 10 oz and 21 inches long, a huge baby! Having a baby has certainly changed everything. I had no idea just how much I would love her, and I know that sounds silly, but it is very overwhelming.

Playing WoW here in the boons of PA at first posed a problem…internet. Yes, internet has been the bane of our existence. Currently, we are using Verizon MiFi at 10 gigs a month, and although this internet is not bad, it is definitely not the best. Though it is the best we can do given our living situation. Since the baby sleeps really well, we are able to play, but we just started up again after she was born and only play when she is sleeping. So as you can imagine, leveling is not going super fast. But we are happy to be playing again.

Sarindre is only 81, just made this morning, but I have also started a Worgen Priest for those times I know the baby will be up soon and I will not have a lot of time to play.  I have to say that the changes they have made to questing are quite impressive. I like that quest completions will pop up and let you turn in without going back to the quest giver. That is a huge bonus, even if it is not for every quest. The Worgens are a pretty cool race and I really like that they are their own mount.

I hope to get into more of a schedule with playing, even though that can be hard with a baby! But since she is getting on a good sleep routine, things have been much easier. Obviously, the baby is my first priority and, as I have always said, WoW is just a game. However, it is nice to sit down with my husband at night and play the game where we met together, especially since we are living with family and it can be hard to have alone time.

So everyone out there, if you have kids, how do you make time to play? Do you take turns with your partner? Do you both play while they sleep like we do? Or is WoW is not something you and your partner do together, what do you do together and how do you find the time?