One can just look at my blog roll to see all of the blogs that I keep up with. But here are some of my favorites that have made me a better Resto Druid or have wonderful information for all WoW players.

Cannot Be Tamed – Great Druid blog with great guides and helpful information.

HoTs & DoTs – Discusses Resto Druids and Shadow Priests. Great info!!

Murloc Parliament -Great writing and information. Talks about everything from raiding to characters.

Rank 4 Healing Touch – Awesome healing guide!

Resto Druid.Info – Everything you need to know about being a resto druid can be found here in neat and organized information.

Restokin – Great druid info and wonderful writing. Very helpful guides.

Revive & Rejuvenate – Interesting stories and great topics.

The Pink Pigtail Inn – Great blog! Good stories and information.

Tree Bark Jacket -Helpful guides and amazing topics.

World of Matticus – Tons of info and great discussions.

WoW Insider – Everything you could ever want and know about WoW and what is coming up.

WoW Ladies – A Live Journal community. Great people, wonderful questions, and help when you need it!

Here are some other blog and websites that I enjoy that are not WoW related:

Bookgasm -Great book reviews.

Kelly Lynn Thomas -Written by a college friend, this blog is about writing, journalism, and everything in between!

The Narrative in the Blog – Written by the same friend above,

The Pregnant Community – This is a Live Journal Community that was very helpful throughout my entire pregnancy! I love Live Journal and all of the communities that I can find there.

Life as a Mom – Great tips and tricks for a Mom!