No one is ever perfect, though we all may think we are. But the truth is, each of us has some bad habits that we must overcome, whether that be biting your nails or smoking. For me I am a nail biter and a former Diet Coke pounder! I really could never get enough of the stuff. Luckily, when I was pregnant I had to kick the habit. But what about in WoW? Can there be bad habits in a video game? Well I am here to say there can be, and obviously the person who designed this list agreed.

So here is a brief list of my bad WoW habits:

  1. Hoarder. Yes, my banks are unmanageable with all of the old epics I hoard. I just cannot get rid/disenchant them!
  2. Lack of gathering profession focus. I am the worst when it comes to gathering. I will get to like 63 or 153 and then just burn out.
  3. Yelling about other healers. I do not yell at them, just about them at my computer screen and to my husband. This mostly occurs when I die and am mad I do not get heals at all.
  4. In accordance with number three, I get very upset with horrible tanks and DPS that like to pull aggro for fun. My poor husband hates when I start yelling in the middle of an instance.
  5. When I am mad about numbers 3 and 4, I will squeeze my mouse and smack it into the table. I have not broken one yet, but man it has been close!
  6. Eating while raiding. When I was pregnant I was always asking the raid to wait five minutes while I cooked Ramon!
  7. Snacking while questing. I love the smart popcorn (you know that yummy stuff in the black bag). It always falls into my keyboard!
  8. Auto following my husband. He will get so mad when we are leveling and I am just on follow watching TV or a movie.
  9. Staying healing spec while leveling. THINGS DIE SOOOOO SLOWLY. But dang I hate DPS on my druid!
  10. Finally…I use the flight paths everywhere…Yes I know we can use our flying mounts everywhere now, but I will always taxi when I can!

So, what are your bad WoW habits?