I get up each day around 6am with the baby. I change and feed her, and then put her back for a short nap. While she is napping, I get on the laptop and write on my blogs. Once that is done, I read other blogs and chat with friends online. I will also read a magazine or a book.  During this time I also get some breakfast and tea. About 2-3 hours later, the baby wakes up and I feed, change, and play with her for a while. This continues for about two hours until she is ready for another nap! At this time, it is about noon so I have some lunch and get chores done while she is taking her afternoon nap. This usually only lasts a little while and I frequently get interrupted! But I will try to get what I can done before my husband gets home at four. Once he gets home and the baby is sleeping, it is finally play time. We will usually log onto WoW for the rest of the evening and just go AFK when the baby is awake and when dinner is ready. Then I will go to be around 11-12 so that I can get up with the baby in the middle of the night.

So what does Sarindre do when she is logged online? Well this will usually depend on my mood…

Well usually we will run an instance or two, whether it be normal or heroic it really does not matter. Depending on how long that took, we will run a few more instances. Once that is done, if my husband wants to mine, I will do some dailies (cooking, fishing, and other rep ones) and then I will do some archeology. I love archeology. I will also level my professions and transmute my alchemy cool down. If he does not want to mine, we have been leveling a hunter and warlock pair to resurrect the characters we were playing when we met (me a warlock and him a hunter). Yes they are already level 70+ but we did not have the money to transfer them from where they were and decided it would be fun to just level them again.

Currently, we are not raiding so I cannot add that into Sarindre’s life, but we are keeping  up on instances so that we can get the gear to raid!