In game I have plenty of favorite spots. When Wraith was still around, I was always hanging out by the statue in Dalaran and with the Dungeon Finder, I really did not need to go very far. The reason I like hanging around here is because it was so close to the bank and not far from trainers, or anything you cold really need. Another spot I love is the secret one my husband took me too in game. It is in the mountains and we went there one night. The graphics were really pretty and I will remember how to get there forever! Another favorite spot of mine is Nagrand. Man is that place beautiful! I think they did such a good job designing it. Oh and of course Zul’Aman! What a cool instance.

Out of game, my favorite spot is at my old home on the farm. We had these amazing fields and I would walk them all the time. There was a path and when you got to the top of the hill you could see everything and it was beautiful! I wish we still lived there. I also liked sitting on the porch of our old house during summer nights. Since we were so far from the city, you could just hear crickets, birds, basically nature breathing. I loved watching the fireflies and getting on the room during July 4th so I could watch the fireworks. My favorite spot of all time was that farm. I miss it greatly. We had a chance to get it back, but at a million dollars, I do not think that will ever happen…

Since we just moved, I will need to find a new favorite spot here at our new place. There is a lot of land and woods so I will need to explore and see if there are any other spots that speak to me.


Where are your favorite places?