So I missed a day yesterday…I know I know bad panda here! But I have a really good reason I promise….I went to a friends house and played board games and did not get back till this morning. At least I got out of the house right? So I will just post this one today and then post the last one tomorrow since it is such a good one that I really want to take some time on it and today I do not have that much time at all! So here it is Day 19:


My bags and bank are ALWAYS full, and I really wish I was joking about this. I carry everything with me and can never seem to find space. My bank holds herbs, enchanting mats, cloth, cooking mats, old gear, and a ton of random items like gifts my husband or guildies have given me. I just do not have the heart to get rid of anything. What is worse, I have not even created a bank alt yet. I always say that I will but I just don’t. My bag are just as bad. I have old quest items, potions, random trash that I have not sold, and extra gear. I really need to take the time and go through them.

What is in your bags and bank?