A few days ago, I finished the last post in the 20 day challenge. Now that was a fun challenge and I wrote everyday…except one! I think that is pretty good. I have enjoyed reading other peoples challenges as well. I am gonna try to keep writing everyday, but is gets tough when the little sapling will not sleep during the day. Yes she sleeps all night, and that is great. But I get nothing done during the day because it is really hard to entertain a 10 week old!

I have not had a lot of time to play Sarindre lately, some of it is because of the baby but the other parts of it is because I still feel a bit lost. I do not feel as powerful as a healer like I used to. I feel pretty lost. I know I have done a lot of research and had practice, but I still do not think I get the best hang of it yet. It is frustrating. And I know it is only going to take some time and more practice but it seems like it is taking a long time. Looks like I will just need to take some more time to read and practice and I should not get frustrated because everything is different now!