I mean that is a large understatement to be honest. I have not played WoW in a few years and for a while I was not missing it. We moved, then bought a house and moved again. I finished my masters program and got my MBA. And we just had our second child (a boy!). So needless to say we have been SUPER busy. But as I sit here on maternity leave, I am getting the itch. Not that the babies are not keeping me busy, but I have not even played a video game in forever. It used to be my passion, and now I feel like I am just floating around and on the endless cycle of work and sleep. Even after the kids go to bed I just sit around and watch some TV until I pass out as well. But I love my kids so much that I feel like there would be no real time to play and be Mom and of course being Mom is my first priority. So maybe instead of being a bump on the log during nap times and after they go to bed, I can try to test the waters and even do some research on Resto Druids! See you all in game, maybe!