Through the Eyes of a Tree

There are many different ways a person can heal. Healbot, Clique, Vuhdo (which I am still in the process of checking out), and just basic clicking. My favorite method that I have been using is called mouseover macros. Mouseover Macros are a simple way to heal that can shave seconds off your healing.

Let’s start with the basics. A mouseover macro is one that can be used with any general party frame system, ie Grid, Pitbull, general WoW UI, ect. When you put your mouse over the player, you can hit your keybound spell and it will cast it on them without you having to click on the player.

Now many may ask how this can make your healing more effective. While you may not notice, most systems have a lag time from when you click on a target to when you are actually able to cast the spell. Whether…

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