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So I Used To Be A…

I was not always the Druid you all know and love today. In fact, I was very intimidated by the description of the Druid in the little game booklet that came with WoW. Now, I had always enjoyed healing in other games that I played and was consistently the healer when I would play games like World of Darkness and D&D. But just looking at the healing classes, I did not think I wanted that kind of responsibility on my shoulders, especially being new to the game.

So I poured over the class descriptions, taking my time to understand what I wanted to play. Then I reached the “W’s” and saw a name that caught my attention: Warlock. A pure damage class that was tied to demons and could have pets! I was blown away and instantly knew what I wanted to play. I loaded the game and Calencil was born. I really loved playing her. I destroyed unsuspecting mobs, they never even knew what hit them. And those bores! Ha! I laughed at the little things. Oh and when I got my pets! What a wonderful feeling I would get, even though they were a PAIN in the butt to get.

I was a complete WoW noob and had pretty much no idea what I was doing, since this was only the second MMO I played and the first was Star Wars. However, I did research and learned what it meant to be a DPS class in raids and in dungeons. I was blowing things away, well at least in my mind I was.

On the side I started a little Druid. I thought the shapeshifting aspect of the game seemed neat, and I really wanted a Night Elf. I played her little by little, not really focusing on her as my main, I was all consumed by the Lock of Doom!

Everything changed the day I was told about add ons. Again, I was a WoW noob. To explain my noobness I was not even in a guild and was just running around like a chicken with my head cut off! So I got the all important add on Damage Meter (I really cannot remember if this was what it was called, but this is what I refered to it as). And so begins the downfall of Calencil…

I became….obsessed, as it were, with being the best (cue the Pokemon theme song). I worked hard as DPS, I was number one on the meter a lot, but there were times when I fell behind and I was just so frustrated. I found the best spec, grabbed the best gear and pulled off the perfect rotation, cheering at myself for doing great and wanting the quit the game every time I was challenged. Little did I know that Damage Meter was the bane of existence for anyone with a competitive bone in their body and all 206 bones in my body were itching to be better than anyone else.  I started to hate looking at her especially when I was grouped with people who raided (which again as a complete noob, I had no idea where to even begin that). I was hating WoW and how it made me feel.

Now, I know that to most people this is all pretty lame to get this angry about a game situation and add on, but it really bothered me at the time (I will admit now that when I DPS, if I ever DPS that is, I still try my hardest to be high on the charts, but it really does not drive or consume me anymore). Calencil was getting played less and less and my druid was getting played more and more. After my debacle with DPS, I decided to go Restoration with the Druid. I fell in love with her more and more everyday.

Eventually, I did not even log on Calencil anymore. My Druid was great. I loved healing and I was actually good at it! I did not care if I was “number one in heals” because if everyone is alive we all win right? I liked the mentality of being the healer and it is who I really am. 

Sarindre was born and she has been my main ever since! I will be a healer in WoW no matter what and will be sticking with my Druid for as long as WoW is around.

So I am interested: What was your first character and why? Did you stick to it? If not what made you switch and why? What do you play now?


Blog Azeroth: I Can Do More Than Heal…Can You?

This week the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes from Resto Dude and he wonders what we as players/characters can do for the group that is outside our primary roles as DPS/Tanks/Healers. Now most of my post will reflect a lot back at BC when we were not only required to heal but to CC as well. But I still think these methods hold true today.

 When I First Felt Important.

When my husband and I first started playing together, he was a Hunter. Back in times of Steam Vaults, I pulled a lot of aggro. I have no idea why but I just always did while healing. Ever time a mob would come rushing at me, They would be frozen in the blink of an eye. I figured this was a Hunter trapping but I had this sense of importance. A dps was going out of their way to make sure my tree butt did not die.

I started to notice more and more things of this nature coming from other DPS classes. Mages would cast Frost Nova when adds would run towards the healers, letting the tanks get aggro back and saving our butts. Plate DPS would taunt an add knowing you would die faster then they would. Tank and DPS Pallys would bubble the healer preventing and untimely death. All of these occurences in instances and raids were great. I felt the DPS and Tanks really cared if the Healers died. Which I understood, I worked my butt off to heal them, and they wanted to keep me alive to continue to do so. But they seemed to be going out of their way to do so, and I was grateful.

The Druid Arsenal

So I began to think, as  Resto Druid, what can I do other than to make the lives of everyone about me easier? I feel we have many spells that easy the life of those around us.

Faerie Fire – A spell I feel most Resto Druids do not even look at. I know this is not mandatory in fights where you have a Boomkin or a feral druid. I think this is a fun spell to throw out there to get a little extra oomph. Plus it is an instant cast! And since most of the time mana is not an issue anymore, this is not very costly.


Druids have a ton of CC, and most of the time as Resto we are not able to use it. There are fights that if I have to continue shifting in and out of Tree form to cast a CC I will be out of mana during the tough healing spots of the fight. But there are some that there is really no issue.

Cyclone – I love using this spell, especially in Lady Deathwhisper hard. CCing the mind controlled target before it can kill another healer is pretty fun. Plus most of the time in this fight our DPS get a little DPS crazy and forget this mind control is running around reeking havoc on the raid. I feel almost accomplished when I get my cyclone off before the target gets to cast anything.
Hibernate –  A spell that was useful in SSC back in the day makes another appearance in ICC and in RS! Those pesky Blood Beasts can be Hibernated before they kick the crap out of a DPS or Healer. Sleeping the dragonkin is very useful in trash throughout RS. CC is something that most are not used too since we have not had the need since BC, but getting back in the habit is great, especially with the xpac coming up.
Entangling Roots – Making sure a mob does not beat up its non-tank target is useful! Or saving yourself when you pull too much healing aggro.
Everyone has been through this situation, the boss is at 3%, everyone else is dead but you and the tank. Do you just stand there and let the tank try to kill the boss? Or do you pop out of Tree and blast him with a Moonfire and Wrath Bomb barrage?  How proud do you feel when the boss falls to your hands? 
Man Bear Tree
Have a lot of incoming damage? Know the healers will have problems healing you? Bear form! That little extra health may keep you from looking like mush on the floor.
Bash – Ever get sucked into the sword during Lich King? If you ever do shift to Bear, Enrage, and bash that little ghosts butt when he is about to cast. This can really help slow down damage to let you heal more effectively. Plus you will have a less chance to die causing a raid wipe.
That is all I can think of that I have done for now. I am sure there are many other combos and abilities that a Resto Druid can use to save someone or help a raid out. What do you do that goes above and beyond?

Stolen Survey

I found this one while reading TyphoonAndrew which he got from Cannot be Tamed and they got from Sorry Caps and I thought it might be fun to do and kill a little time.

1. Raider, farmer, PvPer, or altoholic?
Raider. However I like to play alts on my off nights.

2. Favorite raid or dungeon?
SSC. This place was so amazing. Great trash and even better bosses. I really miss raiding this.

3. Number one choice for a new playable race?
I like Worgen, just happy it is not Murloc! O.O

4. Class you suck the most at?
Warriors, Boomkin, and Kitty Druids. Yeah….I dual spec Resto =/

5. Original UI or modded UI?
Modded a million times over.

6. Profession you’ve never leveled past 200?
Mining…it is the ban of my existence.

7. Favorite flying mount?
Swift Flight Form. I love just jumping to my death and saving myself mid fall.

8. Nozdormu — friend or foe, you figure?
Friend…at least I hope!

9. Useless item you have in your bank that you’ll never get rid of?
Old gear that I should DE. Some from raiding at 70…I am just a pack rat!

10. Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
Flight form.

11. Favorite starting area?

12. Inane goal you worked hardest to achieve?
All the Argent Tourament dailies only to switch faction and do them all over again.

13. Darion Mograine VS Tirion Fordring, gloves off — winner is?

Tirion Fordring, bc Knights of the Silver Hand are way cool!

14. Game music or your own playlist?
Game. I usually have the TV on in the background.

15. Particular option or setting that you always toggle on a new alt/server?
Auto loot on! I think that is default now, but back in the day it would annoy me so bad if it was off.

16. Highest amount of levels gained in one play session?
Hmm, my husband and I did about 20 with Recruit-a-friend.

17. Thing you’d most like to experience or see in-game?
12/12 hard mode!

18. Worst PuG moment?

The worst moment was a PuG  ToC raid my husband talked me into doing. Everyone was at around 4k gs to early 5k gs and the bosses would not die and people where dying left and right and I felt my head actually spinning.  After 3 wipes I was done !

19. Best dungeon/raid moment?
Beating Lady Vashj for the first time. Getting the timer down in ZA and getting my favorite mount ever!

20. Worst quest ever that you totally hate doing?
Killing all the mobs in Nagrand. The first 3 times it is ok…..then you just want to wipe the place off the map!

21. First thing you do when you hit 80?
Dance! Then start mass dungeon farming.

22. Character (of yours) you would RP as if you had to?
My resto druid for sure. She would be a little sweet but has a lot to say. She is the most like my first RP character ever.

23. Keyboard, mouse, or both for using abilities?
Both. Mouseover Macros FTW!

24. Thottbot or WoWhead?
WoWhead for sure.

25. Acronym you’ve seen in chat but don’t understand?
For the longest time I had no idea what RNG meant, then I googled it and felt dumb!

26. Plot point you’d like to see resolved someday?

No real preference.

27. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to in Cataclysm?
I just want to see if Blizzard can succeed in revamping healing.

28. Guild event you’d like to see?
Hide and Seek?

29. Level range you hate being in?
I really hate the 40’s and 50’s .

30. Favorite map to quest in?

Nagrand is so pretty to look at. But for doing general quests I would pick STV. So many quests there!

WoW = RL

This week the shared topic on Blog Azeroth comes from Six Inch Heals and asks us what WoW has taught us about real life or if WoW has impacted our real life in some way. This is a GREAT topic I think. And yes I am a few days late with starting it but for me this one flows freely.

How Shadow Labs Changed my Life

I think I will address the second part of this question first, has Wow impacted my real life in some way. When I read this I was a bit apprehensive to answer at first, most will find what I am about to tell you a little odd, but over the years I have grown to love and embrace the circumstances I faced.

Let’s take a step in my time machine and go back early 2007. I was 20 years old and had been playing WoW for a while. I played a warlock most of the time (while lvling my druid on the side) and would run dungeons constantly. One of my favorite of these dungeons was called Shadow Labs and I would run it constantly.

One of these runs contained two of my RL friends at the time and 2 random PUG hunters we found. One of the hunters (HuntardA) was horrible, calling out their crits in chat on little bugs that roamed the instance and in general low numbers and a poor attitude. The other hunter (Drewtwo) instantly whispered me saying just how bad this hunter was. I laughed and kept general chatter going back and forth about WoW and the other party members. By the end of the dungeon I thought it was great to meet someone so nice in this game and added him to my friends list.

Now, I am a very outgoing person, on the web and off, and I am not afraid to start chit chat with someone I have talked to in the past. I logged on after class the next day and saw he was on. I sent a quick little tell saying hi. I was not sure if he would respond because I thought he would not remember me. Sure enough he did remember me and we began chatting again. Asking general question about age (he was 4 years older than me), where we lived (he is Cali and me in PA),work, school, and interests. This went on for weeks just chatting back and forth and running dungeons for gear.

The guild I was in had a vent server and we would hop in that when doing dungeons. Now Drewtwo remained in another guild and I would occasionally run a raid or two with them for fun. One day he left his guild and asked if he could join ours. I was excited to have a nice and talented hunter join. Soon we were not only chatting on vent everyday but on the phone as well. Our bond was growing stronger and stronger and we were to the point where we could tell each other anything. We never even met and he was my best friend.

For my 21st birthday, I decided that my friend Bear and I would fly from PA to CA to meet Drewtwo and celebrate my birthday somewhere fun! Once we were there and I met Drewtwo for the first time, it was like cupid ran me over with a semi-truck. I was lovestruck. After a week of hanging out and getting to know each other in person, we decided to start dating. The feelings we had for each other were strong. We decided that I would move to Cali with him (Ok ok I know red flag right? But I was young and in love with my whole life ahead of me. PA was depressing and I wanted to get out and live my life. You only live once right?) .

18 days later, Drewtwo flew out and picked me up from my house and we drove across the country. December 22, 2008 he proposed at our weekly D&D game (yes HUGE dorks!) and March 7th 2009 we were married and we currently have a baby on the way.

While this story may be strange to some, this is the most wonderful thing to happen to both our lives. If we would have never played WoW, we would have never met. this game has shaped both our lives deeply.

A Short List of What WoW has Taught Me

1. Live in the moment. Sure things may seem bleak as you wipe on LK for the 100th time, but you never know what will happen when you do just one more attempt.

2. Your closest friends are ones who share your interests. I love my guildies as my good friends. We can talk about more than just WoW but it is WoW that binds us together.  

3. People take games VERY personally. This can be good and bad. Yes you want to enjoy the game, but you can take it too far. Competitiveness is good, but in moderation.

4. In game affects real life. I find this is especially true for role-playing. You need to separate out the game and life. Your friend betray you in a roleplay? Well that was just the character, not them. Do not let it ruin a friendship!

5. You can build confidence and learn to lead by becoming a Raid Leader. This may seem silly but I feel I have become more confident and effective by raid leading and being an officer in the guild. People come to you with issues and problems and it is up to you to sort them out. Plus being a female and getting on over vent to lead a bunch of guys may seem scary at first, but once you can you are ready to take over board meetings at work and speak your mind.

6. Finally remember, love and friendship could be only a LFG away. 🙂

Healz Meh Plz!

It has been a pet peeve of mine since the dawn of time, well not really the dawn of time but at least since I started playing WoW, to be yelled at over vent at that “so-and-so needs heals!” Now before BC came out, I really did not notice this occurring. It was almost like the healers were trusted implicitly.

However, one faithful day, I joined a new guild (the one that I am currently in now) and was asked to heal Gruuls after being in the guild for a few weeks. I was so excited about this because, back in the day, Gruuls was one of the best resto druid fights (at least for me). Now I am healing my face off and loving it. We are just about to wipe on the first attempt and the tank yells “Tank* needs a heal! Heal Tank” At first I was like well no big deal, I had HoTs on him but he was just taking a lot of damage as the fight went on. We wipe and get ready to try again.

After we regroup and attempt again, I hear a familiar voice over vent “Tank needs a heal! Heal Tank! Heal Tank.” At this point I am thinking that this tank really does not trust his healers, we were dying but it was not just bc of heals but mostly because of simple mistakes and not high enough DPS.

This happens with the next two attempts. Tank would yell throughout the fight, sometimes many times “Heal Tank.” This was getting obnoxious, so I asked the GM if he could say something. Not only was it rude to yell at us over vent over and over but it was breaking our concentration.

So as we are regrouping up I say “Listen we know you guys need heals. We are healers, that is all we do. Now sometimes things go awry, but unless a healer is not looking at the raid bars, then we know you are dying and we are trying our best to stop it. We are looking at the same screen y’all are looking at. So please be kind to your healers and we will be kind to you.”

I get a lot of “here here’s!” from other healers in the raid and get a lot of “thank you’s” in tells. Now I will admit I am way more outspoken than others in the guild, especially females, but I could not take being yelled at for doing my job any longer.

The past few years went by and only a few times was the phrase ever uttered again. Healers were content and happily healing. After leaving the game for a while then the server and then coming back to the guild I love ( I will never leave again), I am with a group of new people who do not know me very well ( I was an officer in the guild for 2 years now I am not but still am very close with all of them and the GM) and know that I can heal my butt off.

Cut to last Saturday night in our 10 man ICC run. The tank, who I will call Jtank, and I are not close at all. I really think we live with contempt of one another. But whatever, I really do not need to love/like you to heal you. I do not discriminate. Now we are on Festergut Heroic an easy, but sometimes annoying, fight.  And yes the tanks can and will take a metric butt load of damage, but me and the other healers know the fight and have been through it all before.

During the attempt, our Shammy healer gets nailed by Maliable Goo, he was standing on the warlocks portal and the green just blended right in. Sucks, but what can you do. It came at an especially bad time so I am needing to spam heals on Jtank, but being at 6 stacks of the debuff can make that tricky, and even though we have three healers, our Disc priest is not really up to par (love the guy, but he is just not the best healer). This is when the yelling starts.

“HEAL ME HEAL ME HEAL ME,” are being SCREAMED over vent. This is not a polite asking or a nervous asking, no this is a RUDE attempt to make us heal him, which we were but for some reason I cannot figure out he takes more damage than any tank I have ever seen in every fight. Then the swearing starts, mind you he is still alive. “G*& D*^%&IT HEAL ME NOW” Now, our priest healer is deaf and cannot listen on vent at all, but me and the Shammy (who is not MG’ed anymore) certainly can hear every word.

The other tank, who I will call Ctank, gets aggro before we are at 9 stacks and due to another MG flub, Shammy and Priest got it, Ctank dies. Well, I instantly Battle Rez, hoping another stack will not be placed before I can get him up and healed. Over vent I hear a familiar voice “BR CTANK. OMG BR HIM BR HIM.” I reply calmly, “I already have.” Before Ctank can get aggro however, Jtank gets 10 stacks and we all blow up, to which there is a *Sigh* over vent followed by a “REALLY?!”

I then tell the raid leader that there is something I need to say over vent. He says cool and I start my little speech: “OK guys here is the deal. Let’s stop calling out over and over on vent that someone needs a heal. It is distracting and annoying to the healers, plus it is just plain rude. We are watching the same fight you are and see you are dying. Trust me I am not watching TV over here. Is everyone ok with this?” Everyone is in agreement (even though Jtank says nothing at all) and the Shammy even gave me a little whisper of “YES!!!”

We had no more incidents the rest of the night or since. Now, this is not a “Let’s bash that jerk Jtank” post. Yes he is brash and it really can be rude, but ranting about him is not really my point here. I feel this happens to healers everywhere. We get overlooked and walked on, even though we are, obviously, a key ingredient to the group. Healers, we need to stand up for ourselves. If you feel you are being treated rudely by a group, talk to the raid leader or the guild leader. Raids are meant to be fun, not harassment. Plus without you, everyone would be dead anyway!

Has anyone else had an experience where they were driven over the edge by a rude tank, DPS, or even other healer? Ever felt like a crappy healer because of the way someone treated you?

*Name changed to protect my, now, good tank friend*

Healing Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last night the guild I am in raided 25 RS and ICC and as I sat there healing and watching the meters, I started to think about what it was like to heal in Pre-BC and BC and how much different it is today. Now, I did not do much healing in raids for Pre-BC, but I did in BC, so I will mostly stick to them.

Sitting there thinking, I remembered the feeling of panic wash over me for some of the BC fights. Fights like Lady Vashj in SSC, Kael’thas in TK, and even Gruul. Of course we cannot forget ZA, a wonderfully tough 10 man with a timer that made you want to pull your hair out. These fights made me feel so nervous (and even sometimes frustrated) while learning them but great once we finally beat the boss. This, of course, comes after hours and hours of a wipe fest. Now, I am not saying that all bosses today are easy breezy. Professor, Sindragrosa, and LK have been plaguing guilds and pugs alike (that is until the crazy buff increases) though many pugs are able to get 9/12 most runs. But I feel the buff and just the general difficulty of the raids in general has been “dumbed” down. Most who played BC remember what it was like to sheep at least 2 adds of the 7 add pulls and when someone would AOE and break the CC, there was a chance of a wipe. I still remember mages yelling over vent at warriors for putting bleeds on the adds! Today, tanks just run into the mobs full force and grab everything while the DPS AOE destroys them.

Whether or not ICC is just easy because of the buff or because of the content itself, think about Ulduar and Naxx as the other recent raids, they were not hard either and if they had a buff they would be like a really long heroic run. The introduction of badges and the ability to run heroics to get good gear, lets people have everything they need with little work. (Yes running a million heroics sucks, but they are not that difficult.)

Having talked about this with other guildies, most feel the reason for the content decline is to appeal to the masses. Which I get, I really do. No one likes to feel useless and helpless in a game. So making the content able to be reached by even the newest players is really just helping them keep players who could get frustrated. When Blizzard makes the game easier, they get more players which to them gives them more fan base and more money.

However, I feel making the game easier is making the older players (or players who have played longer) frustrated. We in turn are feeling useless when doing our jobs. Nothing is specific anymore. Yes some flights may be easier with 2 Holy Paladins instead of 1 but losing one will usually not make a difference. Most healing classes are able to overwrite one another, which is one of the reasons I am welcoming the changes with Cataclysm which seem to promote the differences of each class. In BC, healing classes had their roles and places in the raid. Pallys and Priests would focus on the tanks and the Druids and Shammys would heal the raid. Today I have noticed that almost every healing class can fill every role. Shammys can Lesser Healing Wave spam for tank heals and even Druids can Nourish spam a tank, along with HoTs, to life. Though both of these may not be optimal, they are viable.

Healers are not feeling challenged like they used to, I get whispers from healers who are falling asleep at the wheel or just are jumping around bored during the fights. I feel this was around back in BC but was at a much less effect. The classes that only need to cast 1-3 heals the entire fight are even more bored. I am excited to see just how they will make all of our heals useful in situations. I would like to not just Rejuv/WG spam all the time and cast my many other spells that are never used more often. And reading most of the new talents which give healing increases when a person is at or below 25% , I am hoping the new abilities will show their benefits.

*Now, I have not really went into the discussion of hardmodes, and I have my reasons. Hardmodes are harder….obviously. But once you are successfully able to run through ICC normal mode, hardmodes are really not a big transition.

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