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Rejuv, Rejuv, Rejuv, Flash of Light……!?

I love healing. That should probably be tattooed across my forehead. I heal in everything that I can. WoW, D&D, World of Darkness, you name a game with a healer class and I probably have played that class if I have played the game. It is engrained in me, and I am not going to say that is a bad thing. Hanging out with mostly guys my whole life, I just sort of fell into that role. In D&D they all wanted to play Barbarians, in WoW it was Hunters, Warlocks, Tanks; none of my friends wanted to heal. So to ensure that our groups would not die all the time, I would just take on that role. But I felt at home doing it. There were sometimes when I rebelled and played a Psion or a Deathknight, but when someone else would heal and would not be doing it the way I would have (I do not want to say incorrectly, because it was the right way for them) I would get frustrated and back to being a healer I would go. I guess you can say I found my niche right?

Well you already know I Druid heal, but what about other healing classes? Let’s start with Shammy, I was horrible the one and only time I tried it as a level 80! Priest went well, I actually leveled a disc priest and I enjoyed it. I never tried healing as a Monk (oi!). What about Paladin you ask?! Well I have a lot of Paladins, and I always level them ret (I really like hitting things in the face with a HUGE weapon in my free time). But a call to arms has been challenged to me and I have been healing as a holy Pally on the Horde side. Let me just say it is different, so very different, but I am having a blast. This is such a new challenge for me. The way Druids heal and the way Paladins heal is extremely different. The way I like to heal as a Druid is for me to make sure that EVERYONE has full health. Yes, tanks and healers have priority, but I really hate to see anyone be down negative health.  It hurts my soul. This means that I love to throw out Rejuv’s to any and every one. I am a HoT roller to the max.

Then there are Paladins who cannot HoT roll, but have to heal in other ways. Now, I am not max level yet, so I am sure I will find other and better ways, but currently my husband and I are leveling as Recruit-a-Friend and only running dungeons to level since he is a tank (Druid) and I am a healer and we get instant dungeons pops. We have made 52 levels in about 4 hours. Insane right?  But so far this is all I need to do: Holy Shock, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Holy Shock, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, Holy Shock, and Word of Glory. I have to say that I am kind enjoying healing this way, and not everyone can be topped off at all times (which is my biggest stressor). Well, they mostly are since these are easy dungeons but there are times when I am just tank spamming. I think that as I climb up the food chain in levels and get more abilities I will feel way more confident and enjoy it even more!

I need to do some Paladin healing research, especially if I want to raid. It is a different world, but I think I will enjoy it. Broaden out my healing skills so to speak. Who knows, maybe playing a Paladin will help me not be so obsessive about keeping people topped off on my Druid…probably not though.

Any great Paladin healing sites that you use? Pop them in the comments and help get me on my way! And stay tuned for next time when I talk about UIs!

Happy Healing!


The Blame Game

Maybe it is the burn out. Maybe it’s the boredom. Maybe Blizzard has finally found a way to hypnotize us through our computer screen. I cannot be sure. But what I can be sure of is whatever is in the air is causing people to play….dun dun duhhhhhhh….The Blame Game.

How does one play The Blame Game you ask? Well first you take a boss. Any boss will do really, but try to get a boss that you have beaten a million times over and over. What boss did you pick? Oh Hard Mode Saurfang? Perfect! Next, grab your friends. You can bring 10 or 25! How many did you bring? Oh you have only a few friends? Well that is ok, 10 works!  Then get to Saurfang and buff up! Don’t forget to change to Hard Mode in the process. Everyone buffed and ready to go? Alright lets pull! Hmm, everything seems to be going according to plan. The boss is at 60% already? Good good. Wait, Blood Beasts are not dying? Yuck a Mark on a person! Eww now lots of people are getting hit by Blood Beasts. What’s this? Even more people are getting hit by Blood Beasts. Everyone is dying you say? Saurfang is healing too much? Well…you know what to do, blame the tanks!! Rinse and repeat until the tanks are so mad and are done raiding for the evening. Blame Game completed! Congratulations! You win the prize of making the raid uncomfortable and upset.

This is what happened to us on our Saturday raid. We brought in someone who only ran with us off and on, and The Blame Game was activated. Normally, this would never happen because everyone is very close with this person. But it seemed like a dark cloud hung over our raid. Again, I do not know if it was the weather, boredom, or just having a bad day in general, but there was sighing, blaming, and even yelling over vent.

Why were the tanks getting blamed you might ask? The claim was that the tanks were not taunting fast enough when the Rune of Blood was placed on them and Saurfang was healing too much because of that. Odd I thought, especially since I can see the average time it took for a taunt was 1.5 seconds and the max was about 3-4 (taunt missed). Plus, the last time we fought Saurfang we had a fail tank who would never taunt for almost full Rune of Blood rotations, so we knew this was not the problem. After we stated this over vent the person did not let up, linking recount and showing how much healing Saurfang was receiving from Rune of Blood. Now, it is a lot, but from what I remembered it is always a lot (This was confirmed by looking at another guild 10 man’s numbers. Both groups were the same, but we had lower DPS). Plus with the healing done by the Marks, it was just too much for us to handle. There was a huge funk in the air.

The final straw for the tanks was when there was a missed taunt and one tank said over vent “Taunt Missed.” Once it was said a loud “SIGH” rang out over vent (do you really have to guess who did that?). Both tanks responded with anger. One said “Keep your comments to yourself. I am done after this attempt.” After that failed attempt, the tank logged off and went to talk to the raid leader in a different vent channel. Many of us did research on what happened by looking at other logs and recount. We figured out it was a DPS problem which could be fixed (One DPS had horrible lag and could not attack the Blood Beasts correctly). Another member of the group whispered me saying how the raid was ruined because of The Blame Game. I happened to agree.

So what happened? Why are we getting so heated over bosses we have beaten many times over? Or maybe that is the reason we are heated. We know we can do that bosses but we are failing on some key level. Most of the raid did not care, it was just one person. Wipes happen, even on the simplest of things. But I have noticed lately that many people cannot take the failing. I believe it has to do with the pre-expansion burn out. We know it is coming, we know that we will never need to run ICC again (Yay!) and we are just trying to grind through each raid. Does this give us the right to be rude and play The Blame Game on other members in the raid who probably feel the same way you do? No. If you have an opinion that could potentially be volatile to the raid, tell the raid leader or keep it to yourself. There is really no reason to ruin an already strung-out groups mood.

But what go you all think? Have you noticed others struggling to put on a happy face during raid? Have you been the cause of some raid tension? Are the pre-Cata blues affecting your mood?

Just remember, in a raid we are all a group. We need to work together as a group. Causing tension and drama only hurts further progression in the expansion when groups are going to be together again for 10 or 25 man raids. If you are mad enough to be rude, just don’t hit that pesky push-to-talk key, take a deep breath, and relax!

“It’s Just a Game!”

During a 10 man run last week, a very interesting topic came up. One of our tanks mentioned how they know a guy who has max gold on 5 characters and is working on a 6th (whether this is true or not, I really have no idea but that was his claim).  A member of the group, who I will call Joe, pipes up and says “That is just stupid. They do realize that someday all of WoW will be gone and they are just wasting time right? It’s just a game.” 

Now before I go into reactions I would like to tell you a little bit about Joe. Joe (claims to) know “everything” there is to know about WoW. Knows the history, the benefits/weaknesses of all the classes and has 9 alts. They spend a crazy amount of time on the game, putting it above their regular lives most of the time. Everyone knows this, and it is pretty common knowledge.

I have no problem with people devoting their time and effort into the game. I have played for 4 years so I know what that is like. The game is a hobby and people like to participate in hobbies. But I found what Joe said kinda odd. Why would you say that someone is wasting time in a game that you spend a great deal of time in. It seemed very contradicting to me. Most people feel that WoW is just a game. Most understand there are lives outside of the game, and that is all well and good. And we all know that WoW will not last till the end of time. But if Joe felt this way, why did he put so much time and effort into WoW in the first place? Why was he even still playing now?

Someone in the group was thinking the same thing and asked, “Then why are we even all here and still playing the game? Why are we wasting our time?” Joe never responded, and instead we went on to get some tries on Hard Mode Sindi.

But this left me pondering…if WoW is a “big waste of time” and will just be gone eventually, why do you play? I am sure we have all been asked this question before, and probably mostly by non gamers, but I think it is a good one to put out there.

I play for many reasons all of which I know are different from reasons others play. I play because I like the game, my first and most plain and simple answer. I have not always loved bosses and people and I really hate leveling, but in general I like playing the game.

I also love my main character. Ever since I first played a Resto Druid, I knew it was for me. Just the feel of the game, the excitement of healing, it was all right up my alley.

I play for friends. Some of the people in my guild or that I have met over time, I would call my best friends. We do not just talk on the game or about the game but they know me, even without meeting me. When we have taking breaks from WoW, we would still talk. I would miss my friends and know WoW is a great place to meet people. Heck I even met my husband in Shadow Labs! So WoW will always hold a special place in my heart.

I play because I love raiding. I may hate to level with a passion, but raiding is the most fun I ever have had in a game. The teamwork, the accomplishment, everything about a raid drags me in and I just want more!

So what about you? Why do you play? Has there ever been a point where you really questioned yourself in your WoW hobby?

Feeling Bad.

Sorry for the slow bit of posts the past two weeks. You know, people tell you that you will be tired when you get pregnant, but you really cannot grasp just how tired you are until you experience it!

This leads me to why I have been feeling bad. I love my guild. I love raiding. I do not love my raid times since we moved. My body HATES my raid times. When I was in CA, there was no real issues with raiding. Being only at 9 at night, it was not really that bad. However, since we moved to Texas and raid times now are at 11 at night for me, this has become a problem. So currently this is my raid schedule:

Monday 10 man –  9:15pm-11:30pm

Wednesday 25 man – 11pm-2am

Thursday 10 man – 9:15pm-11:30pm 

Friday 25 man – 11pm-2am

Saturday 10 man – 9:30pm-11:30pm.

This used to be no problem for me, even when I was working and going to school. Now, I can make it to the 10 mans (though I am visibly sluggish) and last the entire raid. As for 25’s, well those are a bigger problem. Last Wednesday I wrote my raid leader to say that my husband and I will not be able to make those ones anymore, but we would make Fridays. I know he does not care, and completely understands, but I felt BAD. There are many reasons as to why I do. For one, we are short on healers and my husband and I are both healers. Much of this is due to burn out and some of it is due to healer inexperience. I know this is not MY fault, but I feel like I am leaving the raid and my raid leader high and dry. However, after talking to a few of the other raiders, other ladies in the guild, and my husband, we all felt it was best that I take Wednesdays off (this is another good thing, because with my job I am required to work the first Thursday of the month at 6am and going to bed at 2 and getting up at 5….well that is just no good for anybody)

So now we are off on Wednesdays we are off! Great, one extra day of sleep for me. Now, flash to last Friday. I was sick in the stomach throughout the day and was trying to take it easy. After dinner, my husband and I were hanging on the couch and I remember watching some TV. I woke up a bit later to him covering me in a blanket and turning off all the lights. We were going to play Starcraft a bit before raid, but I guess I passed out on him. No biggie! I thought a nap would be nice before raid anyway. However, this nap turned into sleep. My husband never woke me up because he felt I needed the rest and because I was sick that day. So add another absence from me!

When my husband work me up about midnight to move me to the bed, I realized what time it was and again felt horrible! I know I was sick and tired and I should not feel that way, But I guess that is how I am with my guild. I hate to disappoint. They never not run without us there, we just use some  secondary specs, but I cannot help but wonder if some people get mad when we do not show up.

But real life comes before WoW. Need I say it again? Real life comes before WoW. Therefore, my much needed sleep comes before raid. Sucks, but true!

What Happened To My Raid?

Is anyone else wondering this lately? I feel this is a question I ask myself every 25 man and 10 man raid night. What is happening to the raids? Let me just hit on a few things that I have noticed in my guild:

1. We are wiping on easy peasy bosses…Failed 25 HM Marrowgar you say? How many times you may ask…6…no that is not a typo. Yes we have downed him a million times in the past and never wiped. What happened? DPS did not down the Bone Spikes. Where they punished? Yes, the RL docked 50 dkp if a DPS never switched to the spikes.  What about 25 HM Rotface and Festergut? Yes we wiped on them both multiple times! Again some members were punished for their mistakes which included but not limited to: not running to tanks when you had a small ooze, pulling the boss before everyone was ready, and chaining vile gas to healers.

2. Poor attendance. I will say that because of some severe pregnancy exhaustion I have falling into this category with my 25 mans a few times, but the raid (who are mostly guys) understands and are not mad for fear I may rage! But I always post if I will not be attending. This is just a given. I understand that things come up, but we have a thread on our website that is for just that! Post that you will not be coming, no one will be mad. But disappearing for 3 weeks, well that just sucks.

3. Using healers, tanks and DPS that are usually “extras” and give sub par performance as consistent raid members (this is for our 25 mans mostly). Everyone has this, and I think you know what I am talking about. There are those members which will always show up and can be used on easy/farmable bosses, but they can never really keep up with the main raid. It is not that they need better gear (after much analysis of the player is done we can determine that) but something is just not clicking with them. For example – a disc priest that will not bubble, even when instructed to. Or a tank that will only AOE taunt (even on Saurfang) and dies so quickly that healers hate healing them (we have yet to figure out how this is possible). When these people are used on bosses like HM Sindi or even LK to some extent, this can cause a lot of problems and frustrations.

4. In 10 mans we are dealing with missing member issues and also “duh” moments. Let me just ask…..why are you still DPSing when slime is flying at your face? Or why did you not run when the orange ooze was on you? Finally why are you still casting when you have 4 stacks of the debuff for HM Sindi? It seems like we are not playing up to our potential and letting game common sense fly out the window.

Why the Issues?

There are many reasons for the above issues. The first, and probably most common for this time of year, is the summer bug. Going outside is something I promote, especially because a lot of the time fresh air > WoW. School is out so many of the college and younger generation are able to stay out with friends later and are busy socializing. I completely understand and promote this. Real life should come above a game all the time.

Another reason would be the pre-expansion blues. This happens with every expansion WoW has given us. We are bored with content, bored with raids, heck even bored with characters. Some people (like my husband) really want to change characters all the time due to boredom. Some people just are so sick of farming the same content over and over they need to escape and beg the expansion to come faster. Though common, this can really hurt a raid.

What about the people I mentioned above, the ones so bored and sick of their class? We have another Resto Druid that runs with us and she down right never wants to play her Druid again. She cannot even stand to log her anymore. With our shortness of healers, this puts us in a hard place. She wants to play a Hunter, but we are full on them. So she opted for her Priest. She is still healing, though is happier not healing the same way she has for 2 years. Luckily, she had another class she could play or else she would not be raiding anymore.

Indifference. Yes we killed HM Marrowgar a million times. Yes, everyone does know the fight. But that does not mean you just cannot try anymore and wipe the raid for the rest of us. There are some players that have their brain stuck on perma-farm. They just go about the motions, even if those motions are wrong. Some DPS just stand there and DPS. No moving no nothing. Some healers just spam one heal, even if it is not needed because they feel they are not needed and the other healers can handle it. I fear this is one of the major issues plaguing our guild at the moment and I am hoping we can get past it.  

Finally, another game (or in our case Starcraft). When a new game comes out, especially one everyone has waiting what feels like forever for, this can shake the balance of WoW. I know I love playing Starcraft and there are many times when I would rather play that then raid (its true!). I know there are many like me who feel it is a great break from the norm. But there are times when I have to quit killing Zerg and start healing a raid. SC is now the reason why my Loremaster achievement getting has halted and why my priest is not 80!

What Can We Do?

Attendance issues will always happen, especially in the summer time. So this is really nothing new or that can be avoided. However, making a “must post” policy might help us know who will be attending and who we can count on as regular raiders.

As you noticed with many of the issues I brought up, there are a lot of those “brain fart” moments happening that are wiping us on easy bosses. Well my raid leader has come up with a solution: DKP docking. This may sound harsh, but let me tell you, it has shown it works already. After the first week of really horrible failing, there was a post made by our raid leader that detailed what happened, who messed up, and what they suffered as consequence. The max loss of DKP was 100. This post was about people chaining vial gas for Festergut as well as not stacking when the spores came out (this night made me want to pull my hair out, especially when the spore that was standing right beside me ran away to some far off location.) Total loss of DKP for that night was 500. No one complained since we all knew what happened was horrible and needed fixed.

We run last week and we get to Festergut. Not one person messed up the spores or the vial gas. We were happy that finally something got through to the repeat offenders and they were able to make a change that helped the raid. This is not saying that night was perfect, no very far from it. But the next day a post came up of more dockings and reasons. The total loss of DKP for that night was 200. Less than half as much as the time before.

I am not saying that everyone needs to start punishing raiders for simple mistakes. Usually, just the simple fact of calling them out will help then see what they are doing wrong.

As Wraith is coming to a close, I know it is a daunting task to sit in ICC and see the same bosses we have for months, but I keep playing and healing knowing that everything will change soon and I might as well get my fix before healing for me is changed. Just remember that feeling you have when you step inside ICC for the billionth time, everyone is feeling. There is no need to argue and there is no need to get made, just sit back and enjoy the ride of Wraith before it is gone for good!

When Truces Cannot Be Reached.

I find it funny how I make a post about guildie relationships and how to make them better and get into it with a fellow guildie right after. But this is a situation I feel goes above and beyond the whole ‘I hate you, you hate me’ type feelings and greatly affects the value I placed on this person as a human being.

Trouble Brewing

So we are sitting around last night waiting to see if one of our tanks will be showing up for the raid. As we are sitting there, TankA, who I have mentioned in the past as not seeing eye to eye with, is looking at people who are around him and their arena scores.

Now let me just break here for a second and say that TankA thinks he is the king of the arena, and will tell you so…over and over and over again. When someone else is doing arena he will say “Look at MY arena score. Bet you cannot top that.” His score is around 2600, which I will admit is good, but he is also the type of player that will say if you cannot play arena you suck at WoW…

So back to the story. So he is looking at people’s scores and cue the dialog which happened over vent.


Me – Resident Tree!

TankA – Resident Jerkface

WarriorofAwesome (WoA) – female warrior in the group

Cue the scene:

TankA – “Who is ShammyofCoolness? Anyone know?”

WoA – “Yeah I know her. She is in my old guild.”

TankA – “Wait that is a chick? Like a real chick or a dude trying to be a chick?”

WoA – “Like a real chick.”

TankA – “Can’t be. They have a 2800 arena score and girls cannot play arena that well.” *Let me add that this was in not a joking tone but he was laughing in an insincere way* 

Me – *Cue O.O face and sit in shock for like 5 seconds. *

WoA – “Ummm its a girl…..” *cue her O.O face here*

Me – “Are you kidding me TankA, like really, you have to be kidding? That is the most sexist thing I have ever heard.”

TankA – “No I am serious, girls cannot get arena scores like that.”

Me – “I cannot believe the amount of disrespect you have for woman. There are two of us in vent right now. And you have the gall to say something like that?! That is the ****ing rudest thing.”

WoA – “You know Sarin, lets me thankful that he is here now and not out there in the world treating woman like that.”

*Silence enters vent as I think the group (of mostly men) is processing what just happened. I rant to my husband a bit who is sitting there shaking his head at TankA’s rudeness. I also write the raid leader and apologize for flipping,  he asks me why it took me so long to tell him off in the first place. ❤ RL! *

About 2 minutes of silence goes by….

TankA – “Sarindre I am sorry but you got to understand my point. I have played arena since it first appeared in WoW and I have never seen a women on Blackrock play arena. They are all men and they are better than anyone. ”

Me – “Let me stop you right there TankA. I do not want to hear this at all. Just because on one server you do not know a woman who plays arena does not mean they do not exist. Most would probably not talk to you because of the constant s*** you spew. Just remember the next time you get beat in arena there is probably a woman sitting there laughing at your fail. Maybe you should think before you open your mouth. ”

*Again quiet came over vent and our other tank never showed so we called the raid. Me and WoA went down a vent channel and I got to hear what happened on her end!*

WoA – “TankA whispered me and asked what he did wrong.”

Me – “You have got to be joking…”

WoA – “Nope. I told him that girls can play a game just as well as boys can and just because he thinks he knows what sex someone is, it does not give him the right to be sexist and rude. Especially with two females in vent!”

Does Gender Really Matter?

Now let me add in here that being 15 weeks pregnant makes me a little…testy. But, I also have thought that there really is no line between males and females, especially in gaming where anonymity is everything. We are characters on a screen, but behind there lies a person with thoughts and feelings. And such blatant disrespect should not be tolerated. If I had the chance I would say this all again to him and I would hope that any person that heard such a thing would agree.

One person in our guild said to WoA that she needed to switch to healing since that was all the females in the guild could do. I have never had this happen in our guild before and since it has, I have lost a lot of respect for both the males who produced these comments.

 This lead me to think about the importance of gender in a game. When you get into vent and you find out a female is tanking, do you leave the raid? How about when the raid leader is a female? In our guild, most of the healers are female… should the few male healers be ridiculed? Where do we draw the line on this? I have seen amazing female tanks and had great female raid leaders. But I have heard stories of males being put in a raid group where a female was leading and just leaving because of that.

Being females plopped into a male dominated hobby, it can be hard to fit in and find your place. There are many females that do not speak on vent for fear that if the men find out she is a woman, they will not respect her as much. To me this is just sad. We should not be afraid that we will be judged on being females, but seen for our skill and aptitude in the game.

Have you ever seen this situation? How did you handle it?

Guildie Hate: Can there ever be a Truce?

I think we would be all be hard pressed to say that we all love EVERYONE in our guild. There are always going to be people who just have miss-matching personalities and will butt heads. Generally, there is nothing wrong with this. Many times it can bring up interesting debates and strategies when they are not seeing eye to eye.

But what happens when 2 guildies hate each other so much that they will not work together at all? Or when one hates the other and friction arises.

Story Time!

When I first joined the guild I am in almost 3 years ago they had no Resto Druids in the guild and my first night in the guild I was made a member of group 1 and was in Kara. Everyone in the group was awesome and welcoming. I was trying hard to be my friendly and outgoing self as well. We had a great time and I started running with them regularly.

After a few months of joining the guild I was made officer and was also giving the healing assignments in 25 mans. I started to notice a female, FemaleX,  in the group was being kinda snarky with me. She never spoke on vent, but when I asked a question she would readily ignore me or give 2 words answers. I did not really mind, I was still fine running with her and just letting it be. Then another person in the guild, GuildieA, mentions to me that FemaleX was saying how much she hated me and could not stand to raid with me, but that since the Guild Leader, who was also our Raid Leader, and me and him hit it off rather well she was just going to ignore me and not heal me.

This was sort of a problem. We were part of the healing team in 10 and 25 mans. However, I kinda just laughed the situation off and pondered what I could have possibly done to make her hate me so. I asked GuildieA if they heard why I was disliked, to which I was informed that FemaleX “did not like the way I talked to guys on vent and in guild.” Cue O.O face from me. 

Now, I am an outgoing person and I am friendly with everyone. I talk in vent, I talk in guild. I just like to have friends in the game. My husband, then boyfriend, is also in this guild and he has never had any problem with what I have ever said to another guy in the game.  So I figured she did not like that I would joke with the guys and be a female that gets in on the “guy talk,” which happens because over 95% of the guild is male. Also being a female that is not afraid to talk in vent I would get a lot of the “oh its a girl” comments, which I think bothered FemaleX as well.

Do I think this is all my fault? I guess I will take some of the blame. I am chatty with the guys and I understand some other females might not understand and think it is wrong. Do I think making friends and communicating with them is wrong? Heck no! We are free to talk to who we want to. Just because I talk with Joe Warrior does not mean I am in love with him and want to be with him forever. We are just friends. I have way more guy friends than girl friends, that is just how it has been in my life.

So I decide to take some action and see what the real issue is. I send FemaleX a message through the forum system, a system that I know she uses because of other communication we all had as a group on there once. I ask her if she has a problem and if there was anyway we could talk out our issues. I check the boxes to be notified when the mail was read. I wait a week and still she has not read my mail. I decide to take a more direct approach and send her a tell asking if she had a minute to talk…No response. *She was talking in guild at the time so I know she was there plus someone else whispered her a little “hey” to see if she would respond and she did*

Perplexed and not wanting to ruin a raid or any group chemistry, I go to my GL and ask him about the situation. He is a close friend of hers as well and tells me that he knows she really does not like me and he does not know why either.

This continues for a long while. And is seeming to get worse and worse, even though I stopped talking as much in vent during our 10 mans runs to see if this would calm her down. After a while, and for completely non-related reasons, my husband and I decide to take a little WoW break. The break only lasted about 3 – 4 months but it was nice.

We come back and everyone seems pretty excited. The guild is currently working on the ToC and Ulduar instances. My raid leader tells me that I have my spot back in group one and obviously 25 mans. I am excited to hear this, but then he throws in this little bit of information…FemaleX refuses to do any raids with me, so for 10 mans I will take her spot on bosses she does not need and she will not be attending most 25 mans. Again cue the O.O from me. I think this is completely crazy and he tells me he will be seeing what he can do about this.

Feelings in a Game?!

Needless to say, I felt pretty down. I would get tells from people during raids what would ask why I was sitting or why she was (neither of us had ever been sat during a raid in the past unless requested by us). I just tell them it is a rotation, trying not to feed the fire of the situation any more. Some people knew what was going on and would send me tells of sympathy and sometimes anger at what was occurring. How these people knew I am not very sure, but I know the situation was traveling fast around the guild.

I will not lie, I was upset. Not just upset, but pissed. I was not only mad that I had to miss raids and could not play with my friends because someone ‘didn’t like me very much’ but also because I was never given a clear reason as to why. Not that it would have changed much, but I feel we would have talked and worked out something. Maybe not though, no one can know for sure. But I knew I had taken the right steps into trying to create a working relationship with this person. And in the end, it was the best that I could do.

No Love for You!

There will always be someone in the guild that rubs you the wrong way. For instance there is a person in my 10 man that I cannot see eye to eye with ever. We completely clash on many different levels. Does raiding with him make my life horrible? No. Do I think he makes raids harder to enjoy? Yes. Would I ever refuse to raid with him? No. As I have said in posts in the past, raiding is not just about a singular person getting great loot, it is about the accomplishment you feel when you finally down The Lich King with your friends.  By yourself you could not have gone in to ICC and beat that punk, but with your 9 or 24 other companions you could.

We are only as good as the sum of our parts, but that does mean that all the parts have to love each other 24/7. But if we can suck up our emotions for 2-4 hours of raid time, then we can achieve a lot more.


After a while, my husband and I decided to quit WoW for a bit again since we were dealing with a move and being newlyweds. This break lasted a while, we did not start playing WoW again till The Lich King was released. But I did not want to deal with the late raid times so we moved servers and played in a friends guild. A few months passed and we went back to our old server and old guild ( I can never stay away from them). I was no longer in group one because they were full and I was so far behind on gear from being gone. But it was fine, another group needed my husband and I as members so we joined them.

Now that we are back again. I have very little interactions with FemaleX, usually only in 25 mans. She still does not talk to me nor answer me but I feel there is less friction. She even resurrected me the other night. Something I do not think I have ever seen. I have no idea what changed with her. Did she find that the reasons she disliked me were silly? Did she just learn to ignore me? Who knows. I do not think I ever will. But I am ok with that. As long as we are able to work together on raid nights and down bosses I am happy.

Guildie Drama. What you can do.

Having and issue with someone in your guild? Try these methods out for size:

1. Try talking to the guildie and seeing if you can work out your issues. Maybe this is all over a silly misunderstanding! Maybe there is a deep issue going on. You will never know till you talk.

2. Talk to an officer. Most officers are here to help out. They have duties they follow and try to make the guild “mesh” better.

3. Officer does not work, talk to the Guild Leader. Yes, usually they are busier with other guild things, but this is matter that can affect how a raid will go. No matter what people think, most GL’s want their guild to be happy and work well with each other.

4. See a guildie talking down on another guildie in g-chat and no officers are on? Take a stand. Ask them to cool it or take it to whispers. Tell them that g-chat is not the place for public drama. Make sure you let the officers know about these issues.

Now, I am not about /ignoring guildies, no matter how things may be going. (Harassment of any kind is a different matter and a different issue. I am not addressing this here. If you are suffering from harassment go to your GL right away and if it does not stop talk to a GM.) Normal annoyance is really no reason to mute or /ignore someone in your guild. What if they are a tank and are talking about specific fight strategies? What if they are a healer and are out of mana? There are plenty of reasons to not want to speak to someone or hear what they are talking about. But at least in a raid situation, it is better to hear all 24 other players then have an issue when you are blocking 1 or 2.

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