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Rebirth…or Not?

This is something I forgot to mention a couple of days ago, and is something I am really on the fence about. Rebirth has changed dramatically.

Now, I am not talking about the cooldown change from 10 to 30 minutes. This is something I completely understand. Yes, we were spoiled and could rez pretty much every boss fight, but it was really not needed, well not necessary I should say because I think we can all name a few fights where Rebirth is loved and desired.

What I am disappointed with is that only one Rebirth can be used per fight. I do not think there were guilds stacking Druids just to receive 6-8 Rebirths per fight. Most we even ran with in our 25 mans was 4, which I would think is about an average number in many guilds. I do not believe it is something that is truly abused by the masses.

But Blizzard thinks so and with the one Rebirth per fight rule, this will make many Druids rethink who they are going to rez. Will you rez the 10k DPS who died because he stood in fire, the healer who makes mistakes, or the tank that is taking way too much damage for the fight? Or will you wait to see if someone who is a better choice dies before you BR? These are many questions that I do not want to ask myself during combat. Our Raid Leaders are good about letting Druids use the BR according to their best judgment, however it seems now, they will need to call the shots so that the wrong person is not rezzed by accident.

This is another change that will take time and practice to get used to.  Here is a fun little flow chart to help you get in the Rebirthing mind set! :)

***Added some arrows for ease!***(Angry Tree Image from Murloc Parliament)

What do you think about the new Rebirth rule?

The Blame Game

Maybe it is the burn out. Maybe it’s the boredom. Maybe Blizzard has finally found a way to hypnotize us through our computer screen. I cannot be sure. But what I can be sure of is whatever is in the air is causing people to play….dun dun duhhhhhhh….The Blame Game.

How does one play The Blame Game you ask? Well first you take a boss. Any boss will do really, but try to get a boss that you have beaten a million times over and over. What boss did you pick? Oh Hard Mode Saurfang? Perfect! Next, grab your friends. You can bring 10 or 25! How many did you bring? Oh you have only a few friends? Well that is ok, 10 works!  Then get to Saurfang and buff up! Don’t forget to change to Hard Mode in the process. Everyone buffed and ready to go? Alright lets pull! Hmm, everything seems to be going according to plan. The boss is at 60% already? Good good. Wait, Blood Beasts are not dying? Yuck a Mark on a person! Eww now lots of people are getting hit by Blood Beasts. What’s this? Even more people are getting hit by Blood Beasts. Everyone is dying you say? Saurfang is healing too much? Well…you know what to do, blame the tanks!! Rinse and repeat until the tanks are so mad and are done raiding for the evening. Blame Game completed! Congratulations! You win the prize of making the raid uncomfortable and upset.

This is what happened to us on our Saturday raid. We brought in someone who only ran with us off and on, and The Blame Game was activated. Normally, this would never happen because everyone is very close with this person. But it seemed like a dark cloud hung over our raid. Again, I do not know if it was the weather, boredom, or just having a bad day in general, but there was sighing, blaming, and even yelling over vent.

Why were the tanks getting blamed you might ask? The claim was that the tanks were not taunting fast enough when the Rune of Blood was placed on them and Saurfang was healing too much because of that. Odd I thought, especially since I can see the average time it took for a taunt was 1.5 seconds and the max was about 3-4 (taunt missed). Plus, the last time we fought Saurfang we had a fail tank who would never taunt for almost full Rune of Blood rotations, so we knew this was not the problem. After we stated this over vent the person did not let up, linking recount and showing how much healing Saurfang was receiving from Rune of Blood. Now, it is a lot, but from what I remembered it is always a lot (This was confirmed by looking at another guild 10 man’s numbers. Both groups were the same, but we had lower DPS). Plus with the healing done by the Marks, it was just too much for us to handle. There was a huge funk in the air.

The final straw for the tanks was when there was a missed taunt and one tank said over vent “Taunt Missed.” Once it was said a loud “SIGH” rang out over vent (do you really have to guess who did that?). Both tanks responded with anger. One said “Keep your comments to yourself. I am done after this attempt.” After that failed attempt, the tank logged off and went to talk to the raid leader in a different vent channel. Many of us did research on what happened by looking at other logs and recount. We figured out it was a DPS problem which could be fixed (One DPS had horrible lag and could not attack the Blood Beasts correctly). Another member of the group whispered me saying how the raid was ruined because of The Blame Game. I happened to agree.

So what happened? Why are we getting so heated over bosses we have beaten many times over? Or maybe that is the reason we are heated. We know we can do that bosses but we are failing on some key level. Most of the raid did not care, it was just one person. Wipes happen, even on the simplest of things. But I have noticed lately that many people cannot take the failing. I believe it has to do with the pre-expansion burn out. We know it is coming, we know that we will never need to run ICC again (Yay!) and we are just trying to grind through each raid. Does this give us the right to be rude and play The Blame Game on other members in the raid who probably feel the same way you do? No. If you have an opinion that could potentially be volatile to the raid, tell the raid leader or keep it to yourself. There is really no reason to ruin an already strung-out groups mood.

But what go you all think? Have you noticed others struggling to put on a happy face during raid? Have you been the cause of some raid tension? Are the pre-Cata blues affecting your mood?

Just remember, in a raid we are all a group. We need to work together as a group. Causing tension and drama only hurts further progression in the expansion when groups are going to be together again for 10 or 25 man raids. If you are mad enough to be rude, just don’t hit that pesky push-to-talk key, take a deep breath, and relax!

Blog Azeroth: Retatreeshadow! New Class of the Future.

Over at Blog Azeroth Primetime Casual suggested a great Shared Topic for the week! They ask:

It’s quite simple. We’ll do it LEGO style. Take each available talent tree (either WotLK or Cata, if you’re in the Beta). Shake. Pick three.

To elaborate: Out of all the talent trees available, if you could freely choose three to create your own, ‘custom’ class, which ones would you choose? This is something that a few small budget roguelikes or diablo clones do, and it’s fun to ponder if this would work in WoW as well.
Your starting class gives you the skills to work with. You may take for granted that all talents that enhance a class skill also automatically give you that skill. You must have at least one talent tree of your chosen starting class.

Awesome right? Well I sure thought so. I know I spend most, well all, of my time talking about druids, but I do have some other classes and specs that I love, but do not play very often. So if I had to pick three trees and make my own class I would take the Druid Resto tree (obviously), the Pally Ret tree, and the Priest Shadow tree. Basically amazing right? Think about it. The ability to heal like an awesome Druid, to melee dps like a kick ass Ret Pally, and to have crazy DPS like a Shadow Priest. Here is why I picked the three trees:

Resto Druid Tree: Really, this is kinda obvious. I love being a Resto Druid. Always have. HoT healing has been my favorite type of healing, and rocking Tree Form?! Who doesn’t love that?! (Ok ok I know plenty of people hate it but I will always love it!) To me, Resto Druids are versatile and will always have a place in raids.

Ret Pally Tree: I have leveled about 6 different pallys, all of which I went Ret with. Melee DPS is my secret pleasure. I love taking a HUGE weapon and just smashing mobs in the face with it and seeing the numbers fly across my screen. I find it super fun and a great break from healing. In other MMOs that I have played (Starwars, Warhammer, Conan, and more) I always pick a melee dps class to run into battle with. I know Pally melee dps better than I know the other melee classes that WoW offers. I find their rotation exciting!

Shadow Priest Tree:  Cool form? Check. Amazing spells? Check. High DPS? Check. The rotation is great, the spells are powerful, and they give back health and mana! Who could not want to play a Shadow Priest?

With these powers combined I would be called Retatreeshadow!!!…Ok ok so I am not good at coming up with cool class names. I just design them right? =P

What trees would you combine and why?

“It’s Just a Game!”

During a 10 man run last week, a very interesting topic came up. One of our tanks mentioned how they know a guy who has max gold on 5 characters and is working on a 6th (whether this is true or not, I really have no idea but that was his claim).  A member of the group, who I will call Joe, pipes up and says “That is just stupid. They do realize that someday all of WoW will be gone and they are just wasting time right? It’s just a game.” 

Now before I go into reactions I would like to tell you a little bit about Joe. Joe (claims to) know “everything” there is to know about WoW. Knows the history, the benefits/weaknesses of all the classes and has 9 alts. They spend a crazy amount of time on the game, putting it above their regular lives most of the time. Everyone knows this, and it is pretty common knowledge.

I have no problem with people devoting their time and effort into the game. I have played for 4 years so I know what that is like. The game is a hobby and people like to participate in hobbies. But I found what Joe said kinda odd. Why would you say that someone is wasting time in a game that you spend a great deal of time in. It seemed very contradicting to me. Most people feel that WoW is just a game. Most understand there are lives outside of the game, and that is all well and good. And we all know that WoW will not last till the end of time. But if Joe felt this way, why did he put so much time and effort into WoW in the first place? Why was he even still playing now?

Someone in the group was thinking the same thing and asked, “Then why are we even all here and still playing the game? Why are we wasting our time?” Joe never responded, and instead we went on to get some tries on Hard Mode Sindi.

But this left me pondering…if WoW is a “big waste of time” and will just be gone eventually, why do you play? I am sure we have all been asked this question before, and probably mostly by non gamers, but I think it is a good one to put out there.

I play for many reasons all of which I know are different from reasons others play. I play because I like the game, my first and most plain and simple answer. I have not always loved bosses and people and I really hate leveling, but in general I like playing the game.

I also love my main character. Ever since I first played a Resto Druid, I knew it was for me. Just the feel of the game, the excitement of healing, it was all right up my alley.

I play for friends. Some of the people in my guild or that I have met over time, I would call my best friends. We do not just talk on the game or about the game but they know me, even without meeting me. When we have taking breaks from WoW, we would still talk. I would miss my friends and know WoW is a great place to meet people. Heck I even met my husband in Shadow Labs! So WoW will always hold a special place in my heart.

I play because I love raiding. I may hate to level with a passion, but raiding is the most fun I ever have had in a game. The teamwork, the accomplishment, everything about a raid drags me in and I just want more!

So what about you? Why do you play? Has there ever been a point where you really questioned yourself in your WoW hobby?

S.O. vs WoW. Where do you draw the line?

This is a topic I never thought I would need to talk about, as me and my husband both play video games with each other, but with what I have been seeing around the web (many many times at the wow_ladies live journal, which is a wonderful place for males and females alike to chat about WoW ) and in the guild I am in, it is a topic that needs to be discussed.

Jealous of a Game?

A few weeks ago in our 10 man, our resident resto Shammy, I will call him ShammyA,  got online and sad he would need to be AFK for a bit that we should just pull trash and not wait for him. No biggie! We pull trash in the Blood Quarter and wait a bit for him to get back. About 20 minutes he emerges and apologizes to the group. Now, being the only female in the group I get treated like one of the guys, so this allows them not to watch their tongues and to be blunt around me. However tonight, my femaleness was put to use.

I get a tell from ShammyA saying he was having some “gf aggro” as we like to call it. I laugh because this is something that is said by random members of the group sometimes. He tells me it is bad that time and she went to bed telling him to stay on the couch. He let me know that she hates his gaming and cannot stand when he is on and not paying attention to her. ShammyA let me know it was getting so bad that she would flip out and they would fight every raid night. I told him that this was a common thing to have happen with couple with very different interests. But to give her time outside of the game and have a talk with her about why playing is important to you.

The raid got called early due to people needing to leave. ShammyA then asks me what he should do now. I tell him to go and see if she is awake, if she is to just talk to her and calm her down. Let her know that he is there for her and understand she may not like the game, but still needs to respect that he does. The next day I found out that it worked! She was talking to him again and everything was peachy! Wonderful I thought, hoping this was not going to be a trend in his relationship.

 Strike 2!

Cut back to last night. We were working on getting some achievements down, when ShammyA logs on, joins the group, and then goes AFK again. I ask the raid leader if he is coming back, to which I get the response that he had “gf aggro” again. Oh boy, here we go again! After being AFK for around 30 minutes, ShammyA comes back and logs off. The raid leader then says over vent, “Well, he says if he wants to keep her, he needs to go.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks. He actually had to leave a game he does not even play very much of, except on raid nights, to appease her. We just were doing easy mode achievements, so it did not bother me that we 9 manned them. What did bother me is that someone was so upset over another enjoying their hobby.

This is where things get messy…

Maybe it’s because I am female AND a gamer that makes this entire situation seems so unreal to me. I understand wanting to spend time with your significant other, I really do. My husband and I have mandatory WoW break times that we follow and we never eat a meal while we play. This is just something we do to make sure we are not too addicted.  But to hate someones hobby so much that you force them to not participate in it. I feel this is absurd.

Now I do not know the full situation or even both sides of the story when it comes to ShammyA, however I know gaming can be a pretty serious topic when it comes to couples. There are some people who have been married for a while that like the gaming break from one another. Our GL and his wife worked it out so he could be on a 9 server every night and they still get “their” time in. One of my best girlfriends told me that when her husband plays games, it is her release and it gives her the freedom to read or watch a movie with interruption.

Maybe it gets easier once the couple gets married and they are needing to find their own space. For younger couples who are living together, this separation from the couple sphere might be more than some can handle. There are also stories about how people get divorced over WoW. I think that is a little extreme don’t you? (Again, not saying here this is a horrible thing to happen, sometimes it takes moments like this to bring out the worst in someone.)

Is there hope for a resolution?

There is always hope. As my mom always said what is meant to be will be. So what sort of ways can couples work out their issues? First and foremost, both parties need to sit down and calmly address the issues. Turn off the games, turn off the tv, and just let it be a partner moment. Talk about how each other feels and get it all off your chest. I know you guys out there do not usually like the mushy stuff, but if you want to play and keep your partner, this is one of the best first steps!

Talking could even be your last step. Once you both understand how each other feels, there is usually an easier time letting your partner participate in what they love. Maybe you will see that you are playing too much and cut down your WoW time on your own. Or your partner could really see that you are not playing some mindless video game and are actually interacting with close friends.

If you need a bit more help, work out an arrangement. Your partner only raids 3 nights a week from 9pm till 11:30 pm? Well that seems like a fair amount of time to play in the evening. What about weekends? Oh you see your family every weekend for 5 hours? Another great time for your partner to WoW it up. I know how most people feel about being on a schedule with a game. You feel like you are being controlled but even if your partner and you have a date night every Wednesday and you cannot play that night, that does not seem too bad does it? Some of the men in my guild will not even play until their wife and kids are in bed and since we are a later evening raiding guild, this works out.

Another option is seeing if your partner will try WoW with you. I know this happens less often, but it is always worth a shot. Who knows, they may get surprized and love the game. If your partner is willing to try out WoW, you should also try out a hobby that your partner loves. Finding common ground is always useful in a growing relationship.

There are many ways to find a happy balance for personal time and couple time in a relationship. But fighting and creating anger is never a good idea. So take a breath, realise they are probably just mad because they are feeling ignored to a video game (I know my mom feels that way when she calls and I am playing WoW), and talk.

Do’s and Don’ts of WoW love/hate.

  • Don’t yell. This will only make things worse.
  • Do talk. Be calm and productive.
  • Don’t get violent. Punching walls is NOT the answer.
  • Do breath. Deep breaths help calm the heart rate and the mind.
  • Don’t threaten. When someone feels they are in corner, they can get defensive, making the situation much worse.
  • Do come up with solutions.
  • Don’t blame.
  • Do remember why you fell in love in the first place. <3

Talents and Changes

Last week, Restokin discussed some great suggestions for improving the talent trees and Cannot be Tamed did a wonderful job previewing the new talent and ability changes. Now, I do not want to go into great detail about the changes, as they have already outlined everything. However, I would like to just talk about what I think about a few of these changes.

Talent Trees

I feel torn about this issue. In one hand I love that the talent trees are getting smaller and more concise. One the other hand, the previewed talent trees feel a bit…lacking. I also hate that I would need to get talents, that can be seen as a bit useless in order to advance in my tree. I thought there was going to be some variety, however it looks like that is all gone. The trees seem simplistic, forcing us to get talents we would never buy normally. It sorta seems like we “HAVE” to use these talents to be a good healer and there is no other real choice. Now I know that most everyone has the same spec, but it wasn’t magically given to us. There was work and effort that went into finding out which spec worked the best. For Cata it seems like it will just be a given. But being in Beta I still have hope that things can change.

One of my burning talent tree questions is why is everything give you a special at 25% or lower health? I know that if we were all sitting at 25% today I would be feeling a wipe coming on. I want to know what has changed across the board for raids that lets this possible. I am hoping I can read more of the info about Beta and see what Blizzard has up their sleeves.


Lifebloom – Only active on one target…Ok I get it. This is now suppose to be a tank only heal. Cool. But really what is the point?  What about the poor second and third tanks in the multi tank fights? No Lifeblooms for them!

Regrowth – 2 second cast but 35% of base mana…ouch! I read they were making this our flash heal with a HoT. I had no idea it would cost this much!

Nourish – Costs very little mana, but a 3 second cast?! Oh my word…

Healing Touch – VERY expensive mana wise. 38% base?! 3 second cast…but great heals. This cannot be used often.

Tranquility – Now heals target’s party. :( I was really hoping for a cool raid wide spell! I know I know that would be COMPLETELY over powered, but fun! Lower cooldown of 8 min is nice.

Rebirth – now 30 min cooldown. Eh we have had it like this before. 10 min was nice though. At least we could count on it every fight and could maybe save someones bad decision.

I guess we still have a while before the xpac, but some of these new features are a bit disheartening. However, I will still love my tree….oh wait what tree! I still would like to see what they are doing about a minor glyph for Tree Form. I would miss it so much!

WoW = RL

This week the shared topic on Blog Azeroth comes from Six Inch Heals and asks us what WoW has taught us about real life or if WoW has impacted our real life in some way. This is a GREAT topic I think. And yes I am a few days late with starting it but for me this one flows freely.

How Shadow Labs Changed my Life

I think I will address the second part of this question first, has Wow impacted my real life in some way. When I read this I was a bit apprehensive to answer at first, most will find what I am about to tell you a little odd, but over the years I have grown to love and embrace the circumstances I faced.

Let’s take a step in my time machine and go back early 2007. I was 20 years old and had been playing WoW for a while. I played a warlock most of the time (while lvling my druid on the side) and would run dungeons constantly. One of my favorite of these dungeons was called Shadow Labs and I would run it constantly.

One of these runs contained two of my RL friends at the time and 2 random PUG hunters we found. One of the hunters (HuntardA) was horrible, calling out their crits in chat on little bugs that roamed the instance and in general low numbers and a poor attitude. The other hunter (Drewtwo) instantly whispered me saying just how bad this hunter was. I laughed and kept general chatter going back and forth about WoW and the other party members. By the end of the dungeon I thought it was great to meet someone so nice in this game and added him to my friends list.

Now, I am a very outgoing person, on the web and off, and I am not afraid to start chit chat with someone I have talked to in the past. I logged on after class the next day and saw he was on. I sent a quick little tell saying hi. I was not sure if he would respond because I thought he would not remember me. Sure enough he did remember me and we began chatting again. Asking general question about age (he was 4 years older than me), where we lived (he is Cali and me in PA),work, school, and interests. This went on for weeks just chatting back and forth and running dungeons for gear.

The guild I was in had a vent server and we would hop in that when doing dungeons. Now Drewtwo remained in another guild and I would occasionally run a raid or two with them for fun. One day he left his guild and asked if he could join ours. I was excited to have a nice and talented hunter join. Soon we were not only chatting on vent everyday but on the phone as well. Our bond was growing stronger and stronger and we were to the point where we could tell each other anything. We never even met and he was my best friend.

For my 21st birthday, I decided that my friend Bear and I would fly from PA to CA to meet Drewtwo and celebrate my birthday somewhere fun! Once we were there and I met Drewtwo for the first time, it was like cupid ran me over with a semi-truck. I was lovestruck. After a week of hanging out and getting to know each other in person, we decided to start dating. The feelings we had for each other were strong. We decided that I would move to Cali with him (Ok ok I know red flag right? But I was young and in love with my whole life ahead of me. PA was depressing and I wanted to get out and live my life. You only live once right?) .

18 days later, Drewtwo flew out and picked me up from my house and we drove across the country. December 22, 2008 he proposed at our weekly D&D game (yes HUGE dorks!) and March 7th 2009 we were married and we currently have a baby on the way.

While this story may be strange to some, this is the most wonderful thing to happen to both our lives. If we would have never played WoW, we would have never met. this game has shaped both our lives deeply.

A Short List of What WoW has Taught Me

1. Live in the moment. Sure things may seem bleak as you wipe on LK for the 100th time, but you never know what will happen when you do just one more attempt.

2. Your closest friends are ones who share your interests. I love my guildies as my good friends. We can talk about more than just WoW but it is WoW that binds us together.  

3. People take games VERY personally. This can be good and bad. Yes you want to enjoy the game, but you can take it too far. Competitiveness is good, but in moderation.

4. In game affects real life. I find this is especially true for role-playing. You need to separate out the game and life. Your friend betray you in a roleplay? Well that was just the character, not them. Do not let it ruin a friendship!

5. You can build confidence and learn to lead by becoming a Raid Leader. This may seem silly but I feel I have become more confident and effective by raid leading and being an officer in the guild. People come to you with issues and problems and it is up to you to sort them out. Plus being a female and getting on over vent to lead a bunch of guys may seem scary at first, but once you can you are ready to take over board meetings at work and speak your mind.

6. Finally remember, love and friendship could be only a LFG away. :)


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