Who is Sarindre…

Sarindre is a level 100 Alliance Restoration Druid on the Misha server. Originally, I started by playing a Warlock on The Scryers server. After about a year I transferred off when there were a few “falling outs” and went to Misha with my husband (then boyfriend) and the same day joined Fallen Heroes. I lived on Misha for a long time, till raid times were too much to deal with. I transferred to Madoran for about three months and went back to Misha and the Fallen Heroes. After another break and server transfer to Nazjatar to play with some close friends, I was finally sick of all the moving and went back home to Fallen Heroes on Misha. After leaving the game for a bit once our children were born, my husband and I came back and have since joined GamingMoms Play Alliance, a fun casual guild that will let me still have those “mommy” moments when I cannot play.

Sarindre has been Restoration since I started playing her, and only had a brief stint as Feral for about 2 weeks before I changed her back. I feel more at home healing than I ever did DPSing or Tanking. I even dual spec her Restoration, usually with a PVP Resto spec.

I have a few alts :

  • Cypira – 93 Paladin, Ret/Holy, Misha – Alliance
  • Eylsia – 80 Death Knight, Unholy, Nazjatar – Horde
  • Calencil – 72 Warlock, Affliction, Nazjatar – Horde
  • Aylice – 71 Paladin, Ret/Holy, Nazjatar –  Horde
  • Kalra – 80 Shaman, Resto, Misha – Alliance
  • Aurelee – 66 Hunter, Madoran – Alliance
  • Delaih – 66 Priest, Disc/Shadow, Misha – Alliance
  • Raelina – 60 Mage, Frost, Misha – Horde
  • Aishaa – 53 Paladin, Holy, Misha – Horde – Currently Leveling for a raid!
  • Many, many low level alts! I have a problem I know.


Who I really am…

I am a 28 year old from Pennsylvania. I am married to a wonderful husband that I met in WoW (Shadow Labs to be exact) back in 2007. We have two children. A girl who is 4 and a boy who is 1. Most of my time is spent working, being a mom, and gaming.

I have my bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and my Masters in Business (MBA). I am currently working for a great company as a Business Analyst.

I love to play any and all games ranging from WoW to Bioshock and Final Fantasy to Starcraft. I like Magic: the Gathering and table top roleplaying games such as D&D and World of Darkness. I also enjoy reading.

How to get in touch with me…

E-mail:  sarindre@gmail.com

Twitter: @sarindre