As I have talked about a bit before, there are some things in WoW that can get me riled up.  I know that many of these pains are felt by all of you as well. So let’s make a little list of the things that will get me mad!

  1. Trade chat – I am not really sure what the point of acting like a rude jerk is in trade chat. There is so much bigotry and hate it is pointless to even be in the channel. To me it is sad that people will use a public forum to treat others in a horrible way.
  2. Superiority – Yes, there are players that are better than others. Yes, everyone needs to learn a thing about their class or the game. No one is perfect. But the people that believe they are perfect really irk me. They are especially bad when they think they can tell others they are doing things wrong in a rude way. I cannot tell you how many instances I have been in where one person will tell another they suck or are horrible or should quit the game. I have even been in Stormwind and saw a person point to a player and /yell that they are horrible and have the wrong spec and laugh at them. I cannot imagine how that person felt.
  3. Tanks that do not wait for healer mana – They make me even more mad when they yell at the healer when there is a wipe because of this. Why not just wait the 10 seconds for mana? Heck even 20 seconds. Impatience is horrible!
  4. DPS that do not stay on the tanks target – Then they pull aggro! Then yell at the tank! Really? Whose fault is it really?
  5. Lag – This is so upsetting. With our internet it is unavoidable. I hate being in an instance and lagging so bad that people almost die. I will just spam all my heals as fast as possible to try and keep everyone alive.

What makes you upset in WoW?